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Quotes Very impressed with the service and alterations. Simon is a good person who takes pride in his work. I am handicapped and have some difficulty with the step, so he comes to my car. Very nice. He has also done very professional level work on alterations - including re-design of one shirt into a jacket-like shirt. These are good people doing good work; I would never go anywhere else! Quotes
Dennis Strickland

Quotes Being we wear white lab coats, you get the stains out every time. Something other cleaners have a challenge in doing so. Thanks for the care and great work... Quotes
Dr. Osborn
My Clinic Staff Likes Your Attention To Detail

Quotes I love using this dry-cleaner, they are a family owned Christian company. They get things done in a timely manner and they offer delivery. It makes things easier that way. I think they are a great neighborhood asset to the area!" Quotes
Sarah S.
Fabulous Neighborhood Cleaner!

Quotes "I have always assumed you and your staff did a fine job on any items we bring you and I have not been disappointed. I'm happy to say I paid particular attention to the last shirts and corduroy pants I picked up and they looked not just fine but superb! Thank you all for your skills and service!!" Quotes
Myron T.
Exceptional Attention to Detail